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Thursday, 22 August 2013

From SAT-7 - The present situation in Egypt

Sat-7 is a Christian broadcaster, which is able to provide information, news and presentation of Christ and the Gospel, as one channel among many broadcasting from the satellite that relays TV programming across the Middle East. It thus broadcasts to 300 million Arabic speakers, 100 million Persian speakers and 77 million Turkish speakers. While it has a great deal of western Evangelical support and resources the small communities of Middle Eastern Protestants (including secretly bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ and hope to many Muslims, often at great risk to them), it is also scrupulous in working with, respecting and involving the ancient historic Catholic and Orthodox Churches in the region - as the picture below shows.

Here is the link to Sat-7's website - and the full version of the statement summarised below.

Special update 
Dear Prayer Partner
Understanding the present situation

Recent political events in Egypt, especially security force conflicts with the Muslim Brotherhood, have highlighted both deep divisions within Egypt and between how the situation has been viewed in Egypt and abroad. All of us will have been deeply distressed by the violence and numbers of deaths in clashes between protesters and security forces (over 800 including 70 in security forces), but Egyptian Christians and many others who called for Mohammed Morsi's departure, are perplexed at the way the situation has been reported and viewed abroad.
Coptic congregation worship in burnt-out church
Coptic Christians gather in a burnt-out church
Dr Terence Ascott, International CEO of SAT-7, has issued a statement on behalf of Christians in ministry in Egypt to explain why so many were dismayed by the foreign reporting of events.
In seeking "to give a bigger picture of what has been going on in the past year or so", he considers:
  • How committed to democracy are ex-president Morsi's supporters in reality?
  • How large was Mohammed Morsi's mandate and why did he forfeit the support of most of the population?
  • How did the peaceful occupation of Tahrir Square by demonstrators in January 2011 and at the end of June 2013 difer from the protest camps of the Muslim Brotherhood?
  • How Christians have responded with faith and forgiveness to the violent wave of attacks that have seen over 40 churches attacked and many destroyed (see photo in which a Coptic congregaton worshipped last Sunday in the building's burntout remains).  
Dr Ascott asks urgent prayer that:
  • The current violence will end soon
  • The effective rule of law and order will be re-established for the benefit of all citizens
  • There will be effective protection of church and other property against attacks by extremists
  • Egypt will be governed for the benefit of all its citizens, with people of different persuasions able to live alongside one another peaceably
  • Egyptian Christians will have opportunity to play an increasingly prominent and effective role in addressing the needs of all Egyptians and helping to bring healing and reconciliation in the country"
Please continue to pray for SAT-7's Cairo team especially at this time as they continue to broadcast hope and faith to audiences shocked by the unrest and, in many cases unable to attend church because of curfews or safety concerns. Any gift you can make to SAT-7 ARABIC will provide precious support to these viewers.
Yours in Christ
Rachel Fadipe
Rachel Fadipe
Executive Director
SAT-7 Trust 

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