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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

ISRAEL - Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem: The Pope's visit "poisoned" by hate speech & vandalism - Asia News

Jerusalem (AsiaNews) - "Currently, the acts of unrestrained vandalism are poisoning the atmosphere, an atmosphere of coexistence, cooperation, especially now, two weeks before the visit of Pope Francis": This is what he the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Fouad Twal said yesterday referring to the constant attacks and acts of vandalism by Israeli extremists on churches, mosques and buildings owned by Arabs. Speaking to reporters in Haifa, he also pointed out that these acts "are a stain on the democracy that Israel claims it stands for".

Only three days ago, extremists daubed anti-Christian slogans on a church in Jerusalem; days before, on May 5, more Hebrew graffiti appeared on the Notre Dame Center in Jerusalem that read "death to the Arabs and Christians and all those who hate Israel". For a number of years now the Christian communities, churches and convents together with Muslim organizations have had to put up with these hate crimes, called "Tag Meir (English: price tag)" and although the leaders of the churches have constantly expressed their grievances , the phenomenon has not been stopped.

Patriarch Twal noted a certain laxity on the part of the government to prosecute the culprits: " How can it be that they don't catch the perpetrators - he said - Given that the vandals are largely unprosecuted, one must question the priority of the government to get to the bottom of the problem".

Linked to these attacks, the prelate was also questioned on the government's move to pass a law that makes Israel "the nation - state of the Jewish people". " It can be said - he said - that dealing with this sad affair is not only restricted to the realm of law and order. A pressing question rises over how we educate our children, what do they learn about those who are different from them in terms of religion and ethnic and national identity? What effect is created by official discourse on Israel being a state for one group only. Days ago in a statement, the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem pointed out that , on the eve of the visit of Pope Francis to the Holy Land (24-26 May), "The bishops are very concerned about the lack of security and lack of responsiveness from the political sector, and fear an escalation of violence ".

As a result, on May 7 last, the Israeli ministers held an emergency meeting , promising to strengthen measures against those responsible for the "Tag Meir".

The demand for greater effectiveness in curbing hate crimes is also coming from civil society:  On the evening of May 10, at least 400 Arabs and Israelis, religious and lay people protested outside the home of Israeli Prime Minister, demanding stronger action against the wave of hatred.

Many of them had signs with slogans such as "Price Tag is a terrorist organization", or "Racism is screaming while the government is silent," "Price Tag is not my Judaism," and other slogans.

Read online here:

ISRAEL - VATICAN Patriarch of Jerusalem: The Pope's visit "poisoned" by hate speech - Asia News
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