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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

UOC-MP Disavowed ‘Political Orthodoxy’ and Separatists in Kyiv Caves Monastery - RISU


23 June 2014

The Kyiv Caves Monastery claims that the church has no relation to the events that took place yesterday, on June 22, on its territory. Now on the territory of the Kyiv Caves Monastery  events are taking place that have no relation to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the brethren of the Kyiv Caves Monastery, said Hieromonk Hilarion, head of the Monastery Information Department to UNIAN New Agency.

“The superior of the Kyiv Caves Monastery did not give his blessing for the procession, organized spontaneously by a group of people on June 22 near the Assumption Cathedral of the monastery. They allegedly belong to a movement that is referred to as ‘political Orthodoxy.’ The religious processions cannot be held without permission of the monastery's superior, who should be informed and with whom all the events on the territory of the monastery should be agreed”, says Hieromonk Hilarion.

As for the Kyiv Patriarchate members, who gathered at the entrance of the Kyiv-Pechersk Preserve, Father Hilarion noted that "the Orthodox Church treats all religions with love" and "the Kyiv Caves Monastery is open to everyone."

At the same time, he stressed that “there are many provocations, so it is very important to check the information”.

“The Ukrainian Orthodox Church prays for peace in the country. Today we celebrate a great church holiday - we honor the Day of All Saints who shone in our land. The saints are our heavenly friends, and each of us is called to holiness. In the morning of the feast a Divine Liturgy was celebrated. We pray that peace, love and understanding may rule in our land. All decisions should be made in the spirit of peace, and there are forms of dialogue for this end. Now there are lots of provocations, as we now see in and around Kyiv Caves Monastery, but we will be wise and will not fall for them,” said Father Hilarion.

It should be noted that the Association Orthodox Choice and The Union of Orthodox Citizens planned to hold a procession "against the war in Donbass and Ukraine's European integration" on June 22 in Kyiv. The event was dedicated to 73rd anniversary of the “war of the West against the Russian world.” Among its organizers are chairman of the Union of Orthodox Brotherhoods Valentyn Lukiyanyk, whom the UOC-MP excommunicated for "political Orthodoxy."

UOC-MP Disavowed ‘Political Orthodoxy’ and Separatists in Kyiv Caves Monastery
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