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Monday, 21 July 2014

Muslims Attack 1800 Year Old Christian Church, And Completely Burn the Archbishopric | Walid Shoebat

While the Christian British government says nothing; while the BBC thinks none of the systematic extirpation of Christians in its ancient lands is worth covering ...

Muslims in Mosul, Iraq, burned and destroyed a 1800 year old Catholic church.  Informed sources said that the organization of the so-called Islamic State in Mosul, “Daash” had completely burned down the Syriac Catholic Diocese in Mosul, the sources said that the organization has burned the archdiocese, which lies in the area of the field and was burnt down with the full contents of its holdings. [need for clarification: the 1800 year old church remains are archaeological - those of Dura-Europos.  St Aphrem's Cathedral is modern. The Archdiocese buiding, too, is much younger - see video above. Nonetheless, St Aphrem's Cathedral has been attacked, with the Islamists removing the Cross from its dome. Ed]

Here is a photo of damages Muslims did inside the Armenian church earlier in the month:

A Christian named Mukhalis Yeshua, whose name means, “Yeshua the Savior,” stated:
We left Mosul as we saw that were close to being butchered, and under the threat of armed militants. It was serious and firm. …But the issue that sparked the pain and sorrow was the checkpoints exiting Mosul as the armed men searched the families, and robbed all their money as search parties from the IS (Islamic Caliphate) searched all the women and robbed their jewelry and money, telling them that such money is Islamic property.
Other families were robbed from their cars and made to walk on foot. Today and yesterday more than 135 families left Mosul and were greeted by Fr. Bashar Qadiya, stating that the Church would not budge and Islamize, emphasizing that holy Christian men refuse to negotiate with terrorists, and for that, the IS came this morning and burned the Syriac Catholic Diocese.

In Syria, Hamediyeh Street where the same Archdiocese resides is called “Sad Street”, see the condition of the church there as Shoebat.com obtained footage (above).

The burning of the church took place while forty five Christian families were escaping Mosul. Twelve Christian families were completely robbed by ISIS Muslim operatives.

This chaos is happening amidst the Muslim threat that states that Christians must convert, live as dhimmis, leave, or die. But no Christian has converted. They refuse to convert to this utterly diabolical religion and heresy.

The Christians were given three days to arrive to a meeting and convert, but not one showed up. For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. (Philippians 1:21) But there are still about 200 more Christian families left in Mosul. Shoebat.com urges all of you to pray for them.

Source: Muslims Attack 1800 Year Old Christian Church, And Completely Burn It Down And Destroy It | Walid Shoebat

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