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Friday, 21 March 2014

Rally in Support of Middle Eastern Christians to Be Held in Israel

Israeli Christian Lobby
On March 17th, a coalition, representing a large array of different Israeli Christian Sects, sent a letter to the Head of the EU Delegation to Israel, Mr. Lars Faaborg-Andersen expressing their frustrations with EU hypocrisy towards the ethnic cleansing of the Arab World's Indigenous non-Arab Christians, and Muslims minorities.

In the letter, they voiced their intentions to rally outside the European Union Embassy to the State of Israel this Sunday, March 23rd in solidarity with those facing persecutions, discrimination, and ethnic cleansing throughout the Arab World. The rally will begin at 11 A.M..

Here is the text of the letter:
March 17, 2014
Mr. Lars Faaborg-Andersen
Head of the EU Delegation 
Dear Sir 
Re: The slaughter of the Eastern Christian people in the Arab countries 
We, the members of the Christian Lobby in Israel, comprised of several Christian organizations, that represent different Christian factions inside the Israeli cities and villages, found it appropriate to turn to you and cry out about the human and citizens' rights condition of our Christian brothers across the Middle East. The slaughter, persecution, discrimination, apartheid, the ethnic cleansing, and all the crimes committed against the Indigenous Aramaic & Christians of the Middle East, in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority, among others, and continue to be committed without any intervention of the Western countries. 
We are turning to you as someone who represents a Western country, which engraved the values of human and citizens' rights on its flag. Get up and take action. Prove to the slaughtered and the persecuted, and to yourselves, that you believe in those values and act accordingly, wholeheartedly, and not half way. 
The lack of taking real steps by the European and Western countries and the continuation of the horrifying condition pales, opposed to the double standards and the hypocrisy of Europe and the West towards the State of Israel, the Jewish and democratic country that provides freedom of religion, human rights and defense to every religious and ethnic minority. There is no doubt that the safest and most free place for Christians, as well as other minorities in the Middle East, is the State of Israel. 
It seems that the continuation of the slaughter and persecution, and lately imposing the per capita tax on Christians in Syria (Demmite), were received with indifference in the Western countries, at best half-heartedly and a faint voice. On the other hand, the double standards and hypocrisy displayed towards Israel, as opposed to the lack of steps taken for the Christians in the Arab countries, in the Middle East, bring into question the sincerity of the declarations and intentions of the European and Western countries regarding human rights and humanism. It seems that the treatment towards Israel is a cover up for the failure of the west in the Middle East, failures that allow the continuing of the crimes and atrocities against Christians. 
From here, from the State of Israel, a state that was established by a nation that was persecuted and slaughtered while the world stood by and watched, we the members of the Israeli Christian lobby are calling out "NO MORE", we will no longer be silent. No more to the abandonment of Christians in the Middle East. No more to the double standards and hypocrisy. And yes to taking action for the persecuted Christian minority. We are demanding the involvement of your country to stop the ethnic cleansing committed against the Eastern Christian nation in the Arab countries and the Middle East. 
Finally, we would like to invite you to take part of our protest next Sunday 11 am- 12.30 pm opposite to the EU Embassy in Ramat-Gan, March 23rd the EU future actions to intervene and stop our Nation Christian Cleansing in Arab countries. 
Eastern Christianity has NON ARAB roots (Aramaic, Copts, and others) and existed before Arab conquest to the Middle East from Saudi Arabia in 7th century. 
Please forward our letter to the heads of your state. 
We would appreciate seeing you among us and your kind response.
Shadi Khalloul, Spokesman
Israeli Christian Forum
Aramaic Christian NGO in Israel
P.O.Box 712, Gush -- Halav, 13872 
Georgios NGO
Sofia NGO
Aramaic Christian NGO in Israel
Israeli Christians Recruitment Forum
Sons of Savior NGO

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Rally in Support of Middle Eastern Christians to Be Held in Israel

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